Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ogres, Wips and Innovation!

Things on my design wall. The Dear Jane blocks will be scanned and altered (for fit) and printed onto a sheet of fabric for the Raggedy dolls. That way, the dolls have a quilt and no one has to worry about them being too precious. There was a lady on my Dear Jane list, Linda H, who said she was doing this for each block to make a whole quilt. This was the seed for this idea. If you can do it block by block-why not a mini quilt for a doll? then you can resize it in Photoshop and make it like a journal quilt and you are done in time for Halloween. Thanks Linda!
The Ogre is the 30's nine patch variation. It is an ogre. Nuff said. I am using the idea from Quilter's Newletter magazine.
The Turkey Red blocks are for a one to one swap with a Freind. This is my Wip for October.
I am so sick today with sinus infection, chills headache nausea.....and the news of the shootings of children is making me so heartsick.
Just so very sad


Anonymous said...

Beautiful blocks.

Heartsick, thank you, for the right word. I was just writing to Meredith at Edge Effect (Lancaster) and couldn't think of the exact word to express how I felt about what happened near her.

Hanne said...

Speedy recovery to you Martha !