Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Food is not love
Tho lack is at least indifferent
And violent
Which is not always a contradiction

Food is not love
Though it is life giving and
sustaining, like love,
Necessary, but not fulfilling,
It can be confusing.
You can get seduced in the confusion,
stirred into the same steaming pot.
A lick of swirling goat cheese
melting on a crock
of winter squash soup/a lovers salty sweat...
But I digress.

We deny
Our need
For love
(and it is so impractical.)
It is unattractive, this neediness.
We are enured to its constant call although we pursue it relentlessly.
Not food.
Food is attainable.
Food is finite.
Love is a lack of barriers,
Not boundaries.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Finished Bailey's hat. Pattern is from the above referenced book. This is a user friendly little tome, which has alot of doable hats. Hats were a theme this year.
I will be doing some inklingo printing later today and will be happy to do so. It is nice to have an afternoon to myself.
Regifting has been a hot topic on the WIP yahoo list. Do you regift? is it 'green'? or is it 'cheesy'? and what is the matter with cheese anyway?
I remember as a child receiving great boxes from my grandmother and aunts filled with their clothes and trinkets. Mostly meant for my mother-being adult clothes, but worn by me, in sixth grade, hitched up with safety pins, and I thought I was so cool! Having one or two kind people as friends much mitigated the ridicule of the many.
So I will try to remember the kind ones and ignore the rest. Jody Adams was kind.I have not seen her since I was twelve but I will always remember the her kindness.
And I will miss those boxes.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Wristies for Jen. These are so cute, I am going to have to make more! I love the sequined yarn.
The Carolina Crossroads went to Alex. Jay and George got a hat. I still need to finish Bailey's hat and Katy's knitted object. We have opened all our presents and will go to visit more people later for dinner.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I think

I will never finish another knitted object. Instead I will come home from work and spend hours on the couch reading knitting patterns on Ravelry....
and then maybe tomorrow I will knit.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Inklinko again or Jane Austen's birthday

I love Linda Franz. I really do. I have never met her, or her husband Russ- nor Monkey, her faithful companion, but I do love her. I love her for her mind. For her perfectionism, which translates into the perfect gem of a software application for quilters-machine or hand piecers. Each one of her publications is a thing of elegance and beauty which soothes my soul.
I have enjoyed poring over the latest addition to her repertoire, The Jane Austen Patchwork, which I bought today in honor of Jane Austen's birthday. I had been yearning for it and today was the perfect gray English damp day to download it and begin to read and print the pages that I want to use.
My biggest dilemna is which color way to choose....I have brights. I have taupes. I have florals and could cobble together a retro scrappy shabby chic...my most likely choice.
If you have never looked at her website, give yourself this gift in honor of Miss Austen. Allow yourself to download the free !!! 4.5 inch LeMoyne Star collection of shapes, just to whet your appetite for genius....I know you must be a little curious.
And, I have finished the Carolina Carolina Crossroads Mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter's blog. I love Bonnie, too. As much as Linda is precise and genteel, Bonnie is fabulously footloose and fancy free. I am happy to know them both. What Abundance!
Else, Mike's mom, has left for Germany to spend Christmas with the European side of the family who reside there. I have not been much in the mood for festivity. I am enjoying knitting some small gifts. I am not cooking, but will dine at the tables of others this year. It will be nice to see every one.
My Mom's cousin Mary, and her husband Art, decorate (an understatement) their house every year and host a Christmas coffee for friends they have known for decades. This year the theme was angels. I leave you with some of the pictures I took of their wonderful collection. One of them, lol.
It is hard not to be merry at Mary and Art's.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

It has been a rough year. My grandmother, Dorothy Neal, passed away this morning. I will miss her.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


She is ready to travel.
Dolls are interesting to make. When I make them I think about how intricate we are and how much more complex we are than dolls, and wonder at how we are made at all.
I hope the little girl finds her friendly.