Monday, March 31, 2008

Environmental Quality Awards

Bailey won this award!!!!!! My Bailey!! our Bailey!!
Jumping up and down here!
Look at the list of recipients!!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

...with borders

The borders are on and I am done for the day. Quilting decisions will be made later.
I realized while shopping in my stash for this quilt that I have a boatload of BOBs (blocks in bags) as well and several tops that need to be quilted. I need to at least put together some of the tops and decide where they are going to go to live.They are not doing me any good in a pile and I need to move them along. Move along little quilties. The thing is, I like to make big quilts and they are not so easy to quilt. But you are probably not surprised to hear this.
Some one sent me an email which said that they wanted to put an ad on my blog. I thought this rather strange as I do not have a huge amount of traffic. Maybe it was just spam? I did not respond. But some people do make money on their blogs through ads. Hahah-poets with ads. Kind of makes me smirk.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finally! ready to put on a border on Carolina Crossroads

I love the scrappiness of this quilt and the colors. I realize that it breaks the contrast rule and that the patterns get lost in the scrappiness but I'm very happy with the overall effect. I used nickels from two swaps and fabrics all from stash.
Not sure what I will do for a border but it definitely calls for a muslin back.
this has been a nice diversion for me. Thanks Bonnie!

Monday, March 17, 2008

bad hair day

Diamonds are 8.75 by 5 inches and enlarged in EQ.
Hair is a little bright, no?
I have done worse but this was supposed to be dark brown with highlights. This year has been one for experimentation, from gray to light brown to tomato head.
I guess I will just have to be Mrs. Bozo for a while until I can risk my scalp to tone it down a bit.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a fleet

Origami sail boats.
Two with origami paper and one with double sided scrapbook paper. The large one is covered with printed iris' on rice paper. It took me some time to remember myself back to making these. It was a pleasant way to spend some time this afternoon. Bailey is trying to figure it out now.
Carolina Crossroads blocks are done! I made it so scrappy that you can hardly see the pattern, and now I am afraid that I won't love it but how will I know unless I finish it?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Salix genus and blocks

Some blocks and some pussy willows from our back yard.
Movement was severely restricted since I wrenched my back sometime last week at work. By yesterday morning I could not move my torso without screechng pain, so I spent most of the day on the couch, catching up on phone calls and email. By dinner I was able to move around and sit at the sewing machine so I hemmed some pants for Jen. I also made a couple of diamonds for the Diamond of the week initiative, (on the DJRetreats yahoo list), from Quilted Diamonds, by Linda Franz.
The heart block is for my personal swap. It is the Hannah's hearts Dear Jane block and is six inches.The originals are much smaller-4.5 inches. The diamonds are enlarged from the 4 by 7 inch size in the book, to 8.75 by 5 inches. I am finding the larger sizes much more fun and relaxing to piece.
I use the cds from each author and Electric Quilt software to increase the size, The program has many many more tools but mainly I use it to re size my locks and figure out settings. These increments of an inch or so may not seem like much but it is a huge difference in these tiny blocks, some of which are made with dozens of of pieces.
Through internet groups like Dear Jane, and Yahoo groups like DJretreats and Wiproducers I have l grown my passion for quilting and have gotten support and friendship and even love from the people who I have met there.