Wednesday, August 08, 2012

inklingo mojo

My mojo may have returned. 
Or at the very least it has been piqued by the wonderful blocks made by Carol in Linda's new Japanese X collection! Carol Skinner has done an awesome job on hers and I just know I have a whole boatload of Kaffe Fassett  Fabrics that would love to be used in such a fusion of color and light. 
That is my plan for the next hour. I have downloaded the Inklingo collection and will do some printing and add these shapes to my travel kit and thread by thread, block by block, who knows? a quilt may emerge. Please do go look at the links to see pictures. I do not want to lift them from the sites and they are worth the click. Linda's site also has a lots of freebies for beginners and there is a yahoo group as well where we cheer each other on.I am going to begin by printing some combo pages -pages that have several shapes on one page.I can mix and match them and that will give me a good idea of what to do next. 

I have two 'go' kits that currently both hold my equilateral triangle shapes that I am using to make hexagons, which will be used in an awesome quilt that is taking the long road-the very. long. road. to completion. But thats ok because it is not a race and I enjoy the process.This shape is available in the Three Inch Sixty Degree Diamond collection. Awesome.
Having a sewing kit packed and ready greatly increases the chance that this may be done. The key is to have everything in the bag, so to speak. Add some thread, a small pair of scissors, and a tiny pin cushion with a couple of needles and you are good to go.  I have a couple of (ahem)(maybe a few more) sewing kits that I have made over the years that serve me well. I have made book types, portfolios, and some box types but find that I tend to use a zippered pouch most often. 
These birds from a building in NY will be made into am applique block-someday. 
So that is my whereabouts, and wherewithals and whatnots. Anybody else recover their mojo lately? Do share your favorite sewing apparatus. I will happily send some fabric to the one that inspires me the most. what kind of fabric? don't worry I probably have something you like. lol.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

    I am completely uninspired to begin any new projects so I am toting my equilateral triangle bits to and from work each day and getting in a few threads. It is kind of relaxing and I feel like I am doing something at least. 
I have some things on my knitting needles as well and I have lost my startitis there as well. I guess this calls for finishing something. not a bad thing. it happens from time to time. (insert smirk)
     I have some applique blocks on my wall and I am avoiding them like all heck but there they stay, haunting me, whislering, 'just one thread'... Part of me wants to just do them on the machine and this part argues with the part that whispers "but you like doing them by hand" and, 'it will take forever...'  and they are at a standoff..

perhaps it is just august-that month when 
you just want to soak in the summer 
and avoid thinking about school starting
 in just one short month.