Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finished bag with lining and handles

This bag is ready to wrap. I tried to put the handles on the inside but belatedly realized that I needed to do so before the lining was stitched in place. Then I tried using velvet ribbon, which was too narrow, and then I tried grosgrain ribbon which looked sloppy ----so as a last resort I sewed them on using the yarn in the bag and this was the best outcome.
Knit and learn. This week I also made a face cloth for my husband from the Mason DIxon knitting book. He is happy that I made him something.
I have been reading the progress on another blog of someone knitting a sweater for their dh but it looks like one of those things that will never be done so I am going to knit a lace shawl instead....from one of the six books I recently ordered from Amazon which are slated to be delivered in September so there you have it, my winter plans..

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The beautiful children(and proud mom)

A few pictures. I was not the best photographer. I wish I had taken more but!!! this is it:)
The wedding was wonderful and we are all happy. Life is good.
The two right bridemaid's are Katy and Bailey, my youngest daughters. Christy, the maid of honor is on the left, (Ali and Jen B are ,issing from this picture due to bad photography). The beaded bodice is me. Dad and Katy are enjoying the balcony. And of course Jason and Jen, who are now on their honeymoon in Europe.
The wedding was in the South Street Seaport in NYC, at the Bridgewaters, on a spectacular clear and cool night. The ceremony was perfect (we will overlook the humorous ring episode-who was supposed to bring the groom's ring from the bridal suite? it was a hoot to see the best man and the bridesmaid run full tilt to go and get it from the bride's room!) we laughed, we danced and ate and enjoyed the company. Jen and Jay are so lucky to have so many great friends and family to come together and wish them the best. Jay's brother and best man, Dan, giving the toast..

It is so hard at big parties to see everyone. I know I did not speak to all the guests and I hope they forgive me! I am socially challenged to be sure. And I was busy trying not to cry all night, heheh.

Later they kids will get the real pics and video from the professionals-I'm fairly certain they will be better than mine. I could hardly see, so misty eyed was I.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Am I finished? I could do more finishing but I think they are happy the way they are. Of course they need clothes but that will have to wait till tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Dolls in Progress-Gail Wilson's Designs

Here they are still armless and legless, drying in their respective devices. Their heads are shaped a little different due to the stretching habits of the different fabrics. But I am not going to let that bother me. Well it did a little at first but I decided I quite like them each for their own distinctions. I do have a few finishing touches to add, highlights and some hair details-but for the most part the painting is finished.
For any one who is captivated, as am I, by these reproduction dolls, you can see more like them at Gail Wilson's website, by clicking on the title. And I do mean captivated.
I would wax loquacious but it is too hot. So hot that my camera lense fogged over and had to be cleaned and acclimated to the unaltered air of the main part of our little hut-which does not have ac except in the bedrooms. I really do not mind except on days when everything sticks-like today for instance, a scorcher if there ever was one. Ah but I do love summer, even on days when the sunflowers drop their petals and the cat sheds his hair in clumps as he slowly saunters through the house looking for one cool spot, one shaded place to plunk his fat self down to rest and dream of cooler haunts." sleep, perchance to dream.."