Thursday, October 25, 2007

driving along the coast

We stopped at a farm stand for pumkins and red chili peppers.
On the left of the apple tree, photographed on my iphone, there was a deer, cautiously waiting for me to leave so she could have her dinner. She did not bolt when we stopped or even I got out of the car to take her picture. Later, in the deeper dusk, the bucks will come.
Nice rainy day for a drive to visit the behatted erica, niece of vikings.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Have you heard about the new knitting sensation called Ravelry? An amazing resouce for the knitting community. I just got in yesterday after waiting months for my invitation and I could spend the whole day there. But I won't. Be sure to peep in and see if you want to join.
Day off plans are two DJ blocks, sew binding on doll quilt, knit some on noni bag. Very low key.
I bought this from Kristine Mays. She is donating part of the proceeds from her art to help build wells in places where people cannot get clean drinking water. You can read about it on her blog. We have such an abundant beautiful world. Why do some have so little, when there is enough for everybody? I do admire Kristine's art and I am glad to be able to have a bit of my own.
When I was in Virginia, Mike, bought me a "folk art" painting for my birthday (which is not until November so it will be kept in its wrapper until then). I often wonder about the elitist art world classification system which deigns some work 'fine art' some 'craft' some 'folk', some 'decorative'. Rather than being merely descriptive, there is a value implied. Alot of the 'craft' designaton is attached to art traditionally done by women and infers that it is of less value.. hmmmm...makes me wonder.sumtin to think about.
Anyway, I am finished, for now, with my philosophical toe dipping.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Pictures from my weekend in Portsmouth, VA