Monday, February 20, 2012

wotd feb 4

Word of the day is limbo
Bend low
Bend into a deeper pose
Bend more
Word of the day is red 
Six of one half dozen of the other 
Word of the day is endings
Long and slow
Known or not known
All is not known
In reality. Do not know if it is an end or a new beginning..
heaven or hell 

or limbo
Purgatory or punishment 
Parallel universe?
Is it dogma? Rhetoric?
Myth or faith or cynicism..

Word of the day is present
Nothing else matters. 


I have joined a yarn club -the BareNaked Knitspot which will keep me supplied in wooly goodness for the next seven months or so. Last year's club, also hosted by Knitspot's Anne Hansen was how I knitted all of my Christmas gifts. This season the focus is on undyed extremely lovely yarn and the first installment is not a disappointment. So I am off on another knitting adventure.
Isn't it funny how knitters and quilters all love project bags. This one is from Three Bags Full on Etsy and they were made for the club in beautiful neutrals to match our yarn. The wool is the softest merino -from the American West, Mountain Meadow Wool, and it will be for a baby blanket. It has already provided me with knitting delight. My only regret is that I do not want to take it onto the train and get it germified, so I am knitting it exclusively at home.
wooly merino goodness and knitting project bag from Knitspot

The Pleasures of
Beach Bathing
Long Beach Post Office Mural By John Corbino in 1939
My plan was to make toile from the image from the post office mural-a work in for full picture which I 'stitched' together on my iPhone.

Long Beach Boardwalk on a cloudy day

Reynolds Channel Crossing on a clear winter day from the Railroad