Sunday, October 30, 2011

Unfelted to felted

finished knitting 10/29
So this is the New York Bag By Noni Designs, before felting. I will add another picture, post wash, to show the difference in size, and then I will go knit something else. p.s. the blanket  covering my feet is one I crocheted when pregnant with Jen, 31 yrs gone by. That acrylic yarn certainly holds up!
Felted and wonderful! needs to dry before adding handle and feet and closure.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

George and Diana.

Many of you will remember Hersheybar from the Dear Jane list. Well she has finished her Dear Jane!!!
She says she made it for her Grand daughter who is now 14 and she will give it to her when she is married and old enough to take care of it. Linda also kept a journal of the process to leave her grand child. What a wonderful gift!I have seen these blocks up close. They are all hand pieced and each one is perfection!
click on picture to enlarge.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why I do not need to go to Rhinebeck

Artists do need palettes and I do support my creative self. I was all set to go to Rhinebeck this year, and then decided to do a photographic inventory of my actual yarn stash. This little collage represents part of it. My eventual plan is to attach all of it to needles and projects with charts and manage it in the consumer database program called Bento. So you see how it has taken over my life. I need a database program to organize my hobby. But since I like actual collecting and organizing and Bento, I guess I can call it all a part go what it is that I do with this creative energy that I have in good supply.
My palette

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Night, Steve.

some zoo pics

from the porch step...

Still green but def autumnal

A visitor of the raptor family. looks like a young hawk.
Interested observer