Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting ready for company

Last two days of work before vacation. I am squirming with excitement. Cleaning (such as it is) has commenced, lawns are mowed, curtains still not rehung, linens washed , frig stocking and general scullery work. 
The house is ready for company. Twill be a blast to have a full house again. It has not been so for over a decade-this wee house where I raised my four kids. Ha. Now I wonder how they all fit in! 
Else bought us new towels for our guests, all in beach colors..I think they match the storm at sea colors. A luxury.
Isn't it funny how you prepare for company by getting new towels. Seems like an American ritual. Anyone else in other parts of the world? How do you prepare for company? 


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This visitor graced us with her presence this morning.

She measured 4 or 5 inches and allowed me to get close enough for a picture.
When we tried to measure her she flew away. The top picture is clickable to enlarge.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

anniversary travels

Greenport Tea Company for tea.I had ginger lemon and mike had raspberry something. His was better. The afternoon tea for two comes with a scone, some tiny sandwiches of cucumber, raisin bread and cream cheese tuna and ham and swiss, some fruit and confections on a pretty three tiered cake stand. Of course I should have taken a picture before we tucked in. But we were hungry.

We passed this display on the ride home and had to turn around and see what we could see. The chairs were teak and foldable and made with no metal hardware. Cool, heh? Unfortunately the guy did not accept plastic and we did not want to go back to town which was hot and choked with traffic. In an unexpected gesture, the seller said to take the ones we wanted and send him a check. So we did.

And here is a picture of a bug. In the wind.

happy anniversary

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Storm At Sea

I do not do things in small increments. My process is to spend hours
and hours immersed in my room. I am planning to make thirty blocks but
twenty five may suffice. I may make thirty and then jettison the ones
that I don't love. These blocks are both hand and machine stitched
which means I actually do do things in small increments. I am full of