Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More from the wanderer NQR and long.

Hello all. Thanks for thinking of us. We are all safe, all the kids and grand kid are on high ground.  And that is what is important. And I have enough yarn in my suitcase. Thanks to excellent enabling by Tilde. 
My tiny house has always been above any high tide so far,  but we do not know if this was the case this time as the tides were higher than ever before. And the cats are home alone. They have food. Currently the town is unlivable as there is no water or power. We know there will have been damage. But not to what extent. Funny. When I think about what I could lose,  I think of my paintings of my kids, my easel and my sewing machine. Trivial I know. I do not let my mind go further. 
Today we make the daily trip to the airport from the hotel to get our voucher for the night and meal. British Airways has taken very good care of us. We have a a new hotel each night. Lol. We are the diaspora of airport hotels. I took a picture of a bunch of women dragging their suitcases from one hotel to the next. It is on my camera and I can only get wifi on my iPad so I will post it later. We have been in a very good hotel and a mediocre hotel( no soap or wash cloths?) (really?) and our current one where we will try to stay until we are able to get a flight out. It is not too hard and not too soft.. It is just right.  But the policy of BA is to move us each night. Which does not add to our good mood. Wish us luck! Other airlines have been much less accommodating. 
London is of course wonderful and  today we will venture out again. Yesterday we stayed in our hotel and snoozed and read and ate. We needed it. And we watched the news which has had very good coverage if the monster storm which wiped out our little island after it took out the Caribbean. We tend to forget that..they were hit much harder and our losses are replaceable. So I am grateful and confident that we will recover. And what we do not recover we will do without! Minimalism! I'm in!
I wouldn't mind going to St. Paul's again. And the Victoria and Albert museum. We thought we might go for a ride on the London eye but there was a multiple hour queue and no thanks to that.  
So that is our story. I am going to go wander about. 


Monday, October 29, 2012

Safe from the storm

Spent the night in london at an hotel courtesy of British air. They have given us a reservation for a flighton November 2!! 
I am not un happy except that each day we have to travel to the airport to get a voucher for the next nights billet. So after we do that we will go and see what we can see. After what they charged us for the tickets it seems ok that they are paying for our lodgings and meals :) 
The kids  are all safe and away from long beach. Jen and jay and lucas have put everything up on tables and left the building. Katy and alex do not live near the water. So ...The cats are home but bailey put out food for them and the neighbor has a key to feed them if no one returns to the house in a couple of days. 
So. It was not meant to be that we got back today. 
Waving from heathrow !!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Almost finished!!

Pattern by Susan B Anderson, Itty-Bitty Toys