Monday, May 19, 2014

I am embracing
having no prospects.
no burning desires, 
no urgent calling
no purpose.

I do not look my best 
I do not dress to impress
I have no need to win friends and influence people

and I have no plans to change this.

I am stopping to smell the roses
I am being here now

listening to the sound of one hand clapping

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Finish 11

This little quilt is backed with plain flannel. There is no batting. The blocks were left over from my aunt Suzy. I stitched them together and added a few to fill it out and there you go. I machine stitched the binding on many moons ago and just now got around to hand stitching it down. It is a nice little Luke sized light weight quilt.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Finish 10.

Top down in the round tee shirt with Tillie Tomas yarn.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Ruminations on who you are

I learned that beauty is not about physical alignment of features.
More so it is about if you can feel the emanations from someone else's heart and that you can get your eyebrows singed by being to near the flame be it a flame which comes from a physically beautiful person or from a body whose physical attributes flaunt convention. It is not the maleness or the femaleness but if you can trust that person to look beyond look through your brand of beauty and be kind to whatever they find there ~ then you travel in life with them for as much time as you are allotted.
Some will travel alone for a very long time and others will have many partners.
The most startling bit is that they are a mirror. And what strikes at you about who they are is nothing greater or lesser that who you are.
When you can be gracious even when someone is practicing evil arts on your reflection then you are earning your own evolution.


to do list:
breathe in deeply
breathe out

praying for willingness.
embrace the vision
imagine the result
be gentle with your self
right after this snack

breathing in

breathing in
there is a neutral colored prius
cruising ahead in the middle lane

it/he/she is driving slower than the traffic in the lanes to either side
and their blinker is on indicating an impending right turn.

you slow,
driving behind them
waiting for them to make the move into the adjacent lane
as the distance between you is lessening

and it seems like you are moving in slow motion
even though you know you could not run this fast
or ride a bike this fast
but if feels like you are moving slower and slower
as the cars on both sides of you are PASSING you
and you feel the blood begin to pound in your head and
you scream silently in your head --TURN ( curse word removed )!!!

the prius maintains a steady speed as the distance between your two cars gets shorter and shorter
and their blinker is still blinking at you
taunting you

until you pass them
breathing out.

Eat the cookie to stem the tide of your grief.

Eat the cookie to stem the tide of your grief.
Even the best wound plans
tangle and knot.
Take the time to meditate on them.
Which way would you go if you were a twisted cipher?
What would convince you to lay down your coil and unbend?

Eat the cookie and contemplate.
The chaos will always be there laughing at your attempt to lay the lines down in an orderly arrangement.
Just eat the damn cookie.