Monday, August 30, 2010

Pi shawl thus far

Doesn't look like much yet. But it grows. Pattern is from wendyknitsdotnet in celebration of Elizabeth Zimmerman's 100th birthday.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vury vury bizzy

phew! this month has been a whir of activity. guests and crisis' and a trip to Cupertino and a wonderful reunion in Vermont. OMG.
First. It was fabulous to have my friends here. Stalwart and supportive and I hope they had a good time. I regret that our family was being bombarded with one crisis after another which sidelined me and made me a less than gracious hostess. At the least I will recall it as a memorable visit!
Vermont. Sigh. A visit to our collective past and a gift of the greatest magnitude.A meeting of souls that remember each other in this life from nearly half a century ago.
My children growing and experiencing hard truths and I hope it makes them better people. My hope is that these lessons will be embraced and recycled into art and beautiful lives.
And a bum knee which needs looking after. bone cyst & tendonitis? that kind of diagnosis from the mri. I will try to learn more tomorrow if I can get in to see the doctor.
And bright and shiny Cupertino which was amazing. I came home and slept for 14 hours just to process some of the vast mountain of information that I tried to soak in. I met some talented and even brilliant people in whose company I was honored to be tutored in the craft that I practice in my job of teaching computer mysteries to adults.
As for my art and my craft, I have carried my wool and my cotton around  with me from the northeast to the san francisco bay and occasionally even took a stitch  here and there. I hope September has more time and space for  stitching. and that is what she said.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010


These two were curled up in our yard this morning. This picture was taken from my porch with my arm extended out through the back door so as not to startle them..
They must belong somewhere as they do not look thin or uncared for. I hope they find their way back to their home.
We will not be adopting another two kitties. Will. Not. Feed. Kitties..

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Blue Bag with Roses

Finished a bag. I found the handles at City Quilter and they were the perfect match for the roses. A good reason to finish it.
We are enjoying having Tilde and company here. Today they went to the Metropolitan Museum and Central Park. I stayed home and stitched a few centers for the Storm at Sea.