Tuesday, December 06, 2016


So I am still here, although I have made another blog on wordpress where there are more recent posts. this one seems to have been archived and I haven't really paid attention to it, so there is that. Most of the writing I have saved elsewhere.
So what is new with you?

Sunday, September 25, 2016

what have I been up to?

a little of this and a little of that.

It was a nice summer. I have been doing a lot of non public writing. trying to finish some knitting and stuff. you?

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

for all of us

you are beautiful

all of your flawed furious unstoppable selves
all of your self doubt and self loathing and fears are groundless

you are floating in a medium of unspeakable beauty
unfathomable consciousness

our connections to each other 
are no less than the gossamer threads of angels light
allowing us to be
and be loved 
as we are
we are loved and love
who we are now

all of our pain and sorrow
all of our alone ness and fear of failure
and all of our fury 

shed like a sad skin
peeled like an orange
to reveal our inner beauty

and all the while 
as you are revealing your inner layer 
you are leaving behind the scent of your beauty your 
fragrant inner life force

instantly recognizable
and you are home 
right where you are 
you belong
wherever you are

this is what makes us beautiful
this is it
not the outer shell that fools worship and discard
but the soft and shaky real you
you are all beautiful

Encaustic panels

painted with encaustic medium and sinopia pigments
painted with prepared encaustic colors from R&F and colors made with powdered pigments and embedded thread
Collage with key and old jewelry, origami and tissue papers, gold leaf and ink and vegetation

Monday, February 22, 2016


Read an entry on nancycrawford.com. Sometimes I hesitate to begin because my inner critic is in full sail. Today I listened to James Patterson book to mute her. This may or may not be finished. Made with encaustic its support. Gold leaf and gold powder. Sunflower leaf print on rice paper and r&f encaustic paint.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I am not a professional painter or poet but I do dabble. 
Because I love colors and painting and poetry. to me they represent the best of us. 
Love the Nancy Crawford videos! I would love to take a class with her if our paths ever cross.

ENKAUSTIKOS cadmium Green medium
ENKAUSTIKOS alizarin crimson
ENKAUSTIKOS ultramarine blue

Cadmium green light wax stick

ultramarine blue pigment from SINOPIA
waxed book binding thread from on line
two small jars encaustic gesso

MDF 24 by 24 inch 1/4 inch board
five aluminum tins
2 boars hair brushes
1 fan brush
1 metal brush
wood nail stick
metal pallette knife
micro cleaning cloth 
heat gun
flat griddle 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

jan 30 2016

now that we have conquered nature
as it were
and stand uneasily amongst ourselves 
limply holding the reins
eyes seeking to meet each other and then quickly looking away

what now?
do we derive to sustain us in this hall of mirrors

and only in our dreams do we meet each other
as we once were
only in the night of the unconscious 
do we ascertain the the danger 
and the approach of passion -
like lying on a landing strip as the beast 
roars above you 

landing or leaving it did not matter
only the huge shuddering of a body that revealed you
thrilling and
shattering your claim to self sufficiency

and in the aftermath

the only thing you can remember is the smell of the fumes burning your nose and the thrumming of your ears as you struggle to recover from the noise of it.

in the realm of present currency  
we would do well to dwell in this dream, 

where souls are all of one and each other 
and not derived from this 
morass of self identification 

impugned on shards of silvered glass.