Monday, December 31, 2012

Well it certainly has been a robust 2012.
Happy New Year
Good Health
Peace and Plenty
Love and Fullfiment
Time to live your Dreams
And Time to Dream some more

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Wreath with Nisse
I made this wreath from a piece of an army surplus blanket that I had in my sewing room. It had already been cut into pieces or I would not have cut into it. The nisse figure I bought in Copenhagen. I sat on the couch and rolled strips of felt into different sized flowers and sewed them down and stuck them on with hot glue. The litte felt balls I bought at Purl Soho. And the red buttons.
I reallly like the way it came out. I like to keep track of my finishes and so here it is. Official. FInished.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

december musings

so far I have only though of one resolution for the up coming new year and that is not to buy any knitting patterns and I think i have already broken that one-
In just 4 days the light will begin to last longer each day.
I am grateful for so many things in my life. 
All of my kids and my grandson are healthy and happy.
I love my partner and he loves me.
I have a warm home. 
My job keeps me on my toes. 
I am fueled by creativity and curiosity.
I live in a country where I can vote, speak, worship, drive, and live the way that is right for me and where 
reading and writing are the norm, making ignorance a choice, not the expectation.
I have enough art supplies and fabric and wool and knitting implements and space to create whatever I wish and I have friends and family to support me in this adventure.
I can buy books and read them on my phone if i want. 
Life is good. 

maybe a better resolution will be just to count my blessings instead of looking for things to fix. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

on friendship

I do not love that part of you that 
rages and snarls and stands hard against the injustices.
it forces me to look at them 
and rage along with you when I am wanting to be

drifting in the current
observing and analyzing and counting the days and moments

even in those counted moments are the frames of laughter and sheer glee and an understanding that this glee does not ever mitigate the truth and the hard actions that must follow and the cowardice that I would choose if ever I really had the choice

oh make no mistake
I have made the choice and I have chosen and chosen and chosen to keep my eyes open and my pen flowing and my colors true
and chosen to stand by you with my truth 
for we can never, even as the best of friends 
embody the other's truth .
we can only witness- and when asked, 
we can make the choice to remain friends even in the dark passage when fear stalks the true and the edges of truth are too hard to ascertain, we abide. 

and in those currents from which,
me in mine and you in yours,
we throw the other a life line, 

it becomes another strand in the safety net-switching metaphors here,
in the high wire act of life and 
the way we live it,
we all need that net.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Today's catch

It's the season to over commit to making decorations! In our wanderings today we found ourselves on the street where City Quilter is and I could not pass up the chance to stop in. The first thing to catch my eye was the bag of red buttons, quickly followed by the felted balls and Sue Spargo book. Of course I could not leave with out some felt yardage to make into a wreath.. Or wreathes. The dilemma of a creative is to have enough supplies on hand in the fullness of time when the iron is ready to strike. Or something.
In a few short days we will be back home and the luxury of roaming the city will be bygone. We are grateful to have been able to stay in the city close to where I work, in a warm safe place. But we are ready to go home and will be glad when all systems are go. If you asked me tomorrow to pick where I might want to live, I would choose NYC. Of course that would change when the weather does. But it has been fun to be here during the holidays.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

End of November

Last day of November 
In the city gray and lovely brisk and bustling with holiday shoppers. 
Today we plan to walk in Central Park and window shop along fifth ave. it is a city tourist pastime. It suits my mood. November does. Ready to tuck in for winter sleep. Ready to dream smoky dreams ready to forfeit summer and bright spring promises. I am older now and for every promise spoken there has been one broken. For every green shoot pushing through the earth there is also an end. We are at the end now. We will walk through the park in our warm winter clothes. Behold the winter festivities. Behold the last wisps of autumn smoke curling into winter skies. We will trust in the promise of spring even as we count the steps home. 
hat pattern by wooly wormhead on ravelry
I finished my hat. 
We went to Saks on fifth ave and were galled by five hundred dollar Oxford shirts and dazzled by outrageous. antler chairs. We went to the Metropolitan museum  and  enjoyed art.