Saturday, December 08, 2012

Today's catch

It's the season to over commit to making decorations! In our wanderings today we found ourselves on the street where City Quilter is and I could not pass up the chance to stop in. The first thing to catch my eye was the bag of red buttons, quickly followed by the felted balls and Sue Spargo book. Of course I could not leave with out some felt yardage to make into a wreath.. Or wreathes. The dilemma of a creative is to have enough supplies on hand in the fullness of time when the iron is ready to strike. Or something.
In a few short days we will be back home and the luxury of roaming the city will be bygone. We are grateful to have been able to stay in the city close to where I work, in a warm safe place. But we are ready to go home and will be glad when all systems are go. If you asked me tomorrow to pick where I might want to live, I would choose NYC. Of course that would change when the weather does. But it has been fun to be here during the holidays.


Kim Andrews said...

Sue Spargo items have made it to my stash too. Can't wait to have time to relax and work on the stitches.

Anonymous said...

beautiful picture of nyc.