Thursday, September 30, 2010

Teaching Money Matters dot com

I wish I had Deanna Schwartzman and Deanna Suckow as a teachers when I was alot younger and of a mind to listen. Actually i am not sure that those things ever occurred simultaneously. Perhaps it is never too late to learn..
I gave their book, "Money Management Manifesto", to Bailey, my one remaining teen at home (home for the moment) and she said she would be glad to peruse it as she recently realized that she needs to become more astute in financial areas. The book is a compendium of tools and references about how to avoid becoming strangled by debt while growing to adulthood.. It is designed by teachers who listened to what their readers and students needed and then wrote a book specifically designed to meet these needs. How cool is that. It is a workbook designed to be used with their book "Teaching Chidren Money Matters" with worksheets and agreements that can be used to help kids be financially aware. It is the antidote to easy credit card delusion.
A quote from their website,
'Our book "Teaching Children Money Matters: A Resource Guide For Parents, Grandparents,   Teachers and Students" includes resources you will need to help provide your children, grandchildren and students with the information and materials necessary for them to become financially knowledgeable.'
Apparently I am unable to add a picture as I am on the road at thia time so please click on the title to see their book on amazon. They also have a Facebook page and would be delighted if you looked them up and "like" their page. They are not famous authors and are thrilled each time their page gets "liked".
I plan to ask our library to add their books to the library collections.
Be healthy be happy ~Martha

Monday, September 20, 2010


Not dreaming so much of houses
but of conversations never had.
pointed and lucid and brave and
open eyed
not dreaming so much of houses
(I used to roam about in great white hallways always lookIng for the remnant which would allow me to recreate the whole from the scrap of tissue, like the fantasies of cloning from a single cell, reconstituted so that I could say what I had to say, undiluted, and be heard.
Houses that I picture in my mind as though they were still in tact. I do not dream these things anymore, although I remember them as though they were not dreams.)

Now I am in a train station or subway. Underground.
I know this from the noise, the tracks. Do they diverge? is there a choice to be made here?
I am speaking to my daughter. I am telling her my truth. The words are swallowed by the roar of the trains. She is looking at me and she too is speaking. The words are lost. Truth is relative, I tell myself. My truth is not her truth. I do not dream of houses anymore. I have moved on.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Colors of the Sea

Some progress has been made. I spend the day yesterday in my sewing room wrestling with this. The blocks are huge. 16 inches. It will be 128 inches square if I do 64 blocks. 8 by 8. My own ocean. Unexpected Elements are occurring and I am sitting with them. Allowing them to inform me of my next decision. Trying to listen.
Today I will walk along the shore. Later when the day trippers have gone home and the shorebirds are feeding along the water's edge. Maybe a bird block?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Favorite things

One of my favorite recently on the Internet, is the blog about tiny houses. This just makes my inner designer itch to jump in. It is a combination of doll house love, portability, escapism and possibility that lure me into the fantasy of creating a tiny house. I could put one in my back yard! I could have guests! I could bring it to the beach or the mountains! It could be my own private space for writing. knitting. dreaming. meditating. It is affordable. It gives its inhabitants independence and dignity. It is doable. It is creative..
It is a new canvas on which to paint some flights of fancy. It is nice to have ones fancy ignited from time to time..
Kent Griswold has done a great job of keeping his website current and appealing. I enjoy each look into the tiny houses that he presents on the blog.I invite you to take a peek into his tiny houses..see if your fancy does not get awakened.

new directions

Played about in Electric Quilt software tonight. Maybe adding some different blocks will ameliorate my ADD tendencies. It's worth a shot. tomorrow may see some new blocks on the wall.

Being back at work after a month of hopping all over the continent, is bestirring my feelings of dis satisfaction.

humming, 'is that all there is? if thats all there is my friends, then lets keep dancing.'

or maybe I am just addicted to riding roller coasters and the be-calmedness of my present is calling for the sea to be-stir.

For sooth, hopefully my renewed Storm at Sea will be-sooth me soul.

Taking a new direction with my Storm at Sea quilt. time to mix it up a bit. stay tuned..