Sunday, September 19, 2010

Colors of the Sea

Some progress has been made. I spend the day yesterday in my sewing room wrestling with this. The blocks are huge. 16 inches. It will be 128 inches square if I do 64 blocks. 8 by 8. My own ocean. Unexpected Elements are occurring and I am sitting with them. Allowing them to inform me of my next decision. Trying to listen.
Today I will walk along the shore. Later when the day trippers have gone home and the shorebirds are feeding along the water's edge. Maybe a bird block?

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Susan In Texas said...

You'll laugh, but I didn't realize that you had already started this quilt. For some reason I thought it was just an EQ6 vision. It's going to be lovely. Do you have a California King bed to put it on? It sounds huge!

Happy quilting,
Susan in Texas