Saturday, April 23, 2011

april showers bring roof leaks

traffic over the bridge on a rainy day
 Long Beach looks like a true coastal town when it is raining.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

lesson in procrastination

I will begin by writing for ten minutes. I will set a timer. If I can commit to ten minutes, it will be a beginning. It will break the logjam of procrastination. I read this in a book on procrastination, (The Little Guide to Un-Procrastination, by Leo Babauta) and how not to.
Found here on Etsy
First I think I will need a timer- the perfect timer. Not the one I have on my phone, or my stove or the t.v. Perhaps I can locate the timer on Etsy. Preferably a vintage-possibly mid 20th century, bakelite. Not red, for that would be too distracting.
Once the timer has arrived, I will set it upon my writing table just as soon as the room is a comfortable temperature. It must be daylight so no disruptive shadows fall across my page, and then, I will set the timer. I will not procrastinate.
Of course, I must needs find the right pen, and a journal whose pages are clean and uncluttered, whose size is not too constrained ( one's creative flow will not therefore be likewise constrained) and which page is not so big as to be morally daunting, and then I will begin, just as soon as I can make the page lie flat.
If I can just make the damn thing lie flat.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

out walking

documenting beginnings

Chart b row 14 of 44 with life lines and markers

backing beginnings
these are the active projects. still in the beginning stages both. I like beginnings. still motivating, still fun.
I am taking a break in my creative endeavors to take a walk with Violet and Alex.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Ravelry project page notes.. Juneberry..

on chart B:-using lots of markers-

restarted chart 2 jan 30 -still using lots of markers. I am a beginner but I am persistent.

 recommend reading: Eunny Jang's "majoring in lace".

restarted again on April 8. did I mention that I am also a perfectionist? I finished first chart in one night. This is encouraging. Maybe I am getting knitting chops. Maybe I am just lace chart junkie with a huge habit and the monkey on my back is Brooklyntweed!

BTW I am going to join the KAL in Lorna's Laces rav group page for Jared's new shawl, 'rock island'.

p.s. I am marthab on ravelry.
Some of you will know what this means. For the rest of you... take heed!

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

the city - birthday trip

    It was a beautiful day to  take the Long Island Railroad into the city. Temperatures were in the forties and sunny-perfect for walking!
   We bought matinee tickets on line for the Broadway show "the Addams Family" and hopped on the train a couple of hours early so we could walk around a bit. We actually left the house minutes before the scheduled departure, and drove as close to the station as we could find parking (it is only half a mile from the house) and RAN!!! to the catch the train, arriving on the platform with seconds to spare. We had assembled a picnic breakfast ( cadbury eggs and scones made earlier in the morning-from at tube- and a shared egg sandwich, bought when Mike had gone out earlier to the atm), and happily munched as we congratulated ourselves on having made the train! ( me running-now that's a story for another day- note the cadbury eggs included in the breakfast menu.)
   We did walk from the Penn Station to Broadway and stopped at a button and trim store in the garment district along the way. No purchase, just gazing, or gawking, upon row after aisle of shiny things. I was tempted by some velvet rick rack trim and some handbag handles, but did not buy them because I did not want to be hauling them all over the city. Oh, and I have no immediate use for them for (but there is always the future) and there were the zippers and buttons and rhinestones and I don't even like rhinestones. and there was a tiara.....
     There was a time when I liked clothes and being in the city awakens that affinity. Passing window after window of glamourous overpriced undersized fashion inventory, makes me think about once again wearing nice clothes. Alas, I do not have to think about clothes anymore. My job requires jeans and a t-shirt (and no hats). That is about the extent of the dress code. Over the years I have not paid any attention to my wardrobe and what is left of it is not wearable for any number of reasons(note the above ref..cadbury etc). I could probably just chuck the whole of it out the window and start anew. I once enjoyed sewing clothes.....but lets not go there! I do not have room in my house for another do list!

    The play was a funny witty musical and I am not a critic so I will not attempt a critique, but we enjoyed it and our expectations were exceeded. I would recommend it if you are in the mood for a fun afternoon in the city! We left the theatre and it was raining. Even so we walked to Grand Central Station and perused the most excellent market and found a pen store where Michael got his Birthday Pen. We walked back to Penn Station in a light rain and if it did not mess up my glasses, it would have been refreshing! It was not cold and we arrived at  the train station with a minute to spare. It was a lucky train day. By the time we got home we were rested enough for dinner at a local establishment and were too tired for dessert. A Hammish MacBeth dvd was the finale` ~ and there you have another birthday passed into history~

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

On my commute I see the forsythias in riotous bloom.

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Location:Northern state parkway

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Funny posting from the road on my iPad. I may add some more blocks to this quilt. It is an unsung hero. Today I am supposed to account for my time hour by hour. Hour one. Get ready for work. Hour two drive there. Hour three through eleven work. Hour eleven through fourteen meeting. Hour fifteen drive home. Hour sixteen plotz. Hour seventeen. Well I guess that will be all. I am ambitious enough to bring my knitting, so some knitting may take place.
***no knitting ocurred***

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Saturday, April 02, 2011

One thread

one or three threads on Pindigo before work