Saturday, April 16, 2011

lesson in procrastination

I will begin by writing for ten minutes. I will set a timer. If I can commit to ten minutes, it will be a beginning. It will break the logjam of procrastination. I read this in a book on procrastination, (The Little Guide to Un-Procrastination, by Leo Babauta) and how not to.
Found here on Etsy
First I think I will need a timer- the perfect timer. Not the one I have on my phone, or my stove or the t.v. Perhaps I can locate the timer on Etsy. Preferably a vintage-possibly mid 20th century, bakelite. Not red, for that would be too distracting.
Once the timer has arrived, I will set it upon my writing table just as soon as the room is a comfortable temperature. It must be daylight so no disruptive shadows fall across my page, and then, I will set the timer. I will not procrastinate.
Of course, I must needs find the right pen, and a journal whose pages are clean and uncluttered, whose size is not too constrained ( one's creative flow will not therefore be likewise constrained) and which page is not so big as to be morally daunting, and then I will begin, just as soon as I can make the page lie flat.
If I can just make the damn thing lie flat.

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