Monday, July 21, 2014

I notice there are dried peas on the chair where he sits in a booster seat with straps. A contraption that allows us to sit and eat with his constant toddler motion contained for a bit.  

In the couch cushion are the remnants of the saltine cracker that he crunched up and quietly observed as the bits crumbled and dropped. 

A purple crayon is beneath the ottoman that we have moved in order to vacuum under it 
hoping that the upright will inhale the tumbleweed cat hairs that bounce along the floor 
before he can. 

Several different sized disposable diapers are piled up in the loo. 

And I notice a tiny tube of toothpaste was left behind. The kind that tastes like a Popsicle. He made a disgusted face when we brushed his teeth with adult flavored toothpaste. 

And interspersed with our history tomes and knitting books are books with dinosaurs sporting underwear and mice that want milk with their cookies.
When he goes home with his parents we can hear the clock tick 

He hears a bird and puts his hand to his face in the universal sign language gesture and says 
'hear it? hear the birdies? hear the sound?’)
When he goes home 
we sit in our respective places and search the internet for the meaning of life 
or at least a good deal on shoes.
It is quiet. 
We have cleaned up in his wake 
restoring what passes for order in our home 
and we miss him.

in other news I finished a small painted monogram for Jen  based upon the necklace Jay gave to her for her birthday. The bottom one was the final iteration. For now. 

Thursday, July 03, 2014


The hardest part is to decide which fabric to use. I have cut them out using Inklingo's Japanese Spool shape collection and used the combo page so that I can cut five layers at a time. So that part is easy. Then the fun begins: which colors to use. I can spend hours just arranging fabric. I am trying not to go down that rabbit hole and so far I am liking the result. I am arranging the pieces on freezer paper and then putting them aside to stitch later. The system works for me.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

June flips her hair and passes by

Work on Alabam Chanin DYI Tunic

Yoga (?) in pool since I still cannot walk 

Mess up knitted lace. Start over

Luke sleeps over. Wears Bailey's specs.

Gets ready for Shark Week

New ride. Love this bike. The forward pedals allow full leg extension and I can dismount  without having to jump down. ( and land on foot.) It is called an Electra Townie 7. And just look at that wide seat. Oh yeah baby. I can ride that for days. 

Mike continues to make me coffee in the morning which is really why I married him. He leaves me a note . to show me where it is. in the carafe.