Tuesday, July 01, 2014

June flips her hair and passes by

Work on Alabam Chanin DYI Tunic

Yoga (?) in pool since I still cannot walk 

Mess up knitted lace. Start over

Luke sleeps over. Wears Bailey's specs.

Gets ready for Shark Week

New ride. Love this bike. The forward pedals allow full leg extension and I can dismount  without having to jump down. ( and land on foot.) It is called an Electra Townie 7. And just look at that wide seat. Oh yeah baby. I can ride that for days. 

Mike continues to make me coffee in the morning which is really why I married him. He leaves me a note . to show me where it is. in the carafe. 


The Calico Cat said...

This almost makes me feel weird, but if you like coffee (Iced coffee in particular) you must try Trader Joe's cold brew coffee concentrate.

martha bilski said...

we do like that!!thanks -hope things are well!