Sunday, December 30, 2007



day four of the creeping crud, called in sick to work, twice, and feel like a wimp but I can't breathe,or stand up,
or speak in an audible voice, so I guess this leaves me untenable in the workplace. 
But I am making progress on my knitting while ensconced upon the couch, 
with my two boxes of tissues, my ginger ale, tea, and occasional carton of matzoh ball 
soup from the neighborhood deli.
the pictures are of my noni bag in progress. Actually it is called a carpet bag, I guess due to the size and eventual shape,
after felting. I don't know what kind of straps I will put on it, probably leather, 
equestrian looking if I can find some.
It will be a fine overnight bag for those rare occasions when I need an overnight 
valise of the designer type. If I do say so myself.
I love house blocks and bright fabrics and the blocks perched on the roller shade are evidence of that .
The Lollipop in progress and a delirious assortment of feverishly assembled ( and therefore wonky)
Dear Jane blocks. I plead illness! 
I do love the Dear Jane block so. 
Maybe I should just make a life long commitment to making them 
and forswear all others. At least for today.

Monday, December 17, 2007

things I miss

long drives
bike riding
cooking experimental meals
making quilt squares
the library

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lollipops a Bloomin'

I am joining in the Lollipop insanity. I have staked out my sewing room and spent a couple of most enjoyable hours playing with circles. I must say I am releasing my inner perfectionist and I am determined to color outside the lines on this one. There may even be a bird block or a house block added if I am so inclined. This one is simple fun.