Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bunny: finish number nine

Finish #9 in February. Almost slipped through the cracks. Pattern by Susan b Anderson. Yarn is bluemoonfiberarts left over sock.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sandy Survivors

Last year this magnolia bush did not bear leaves nor flowers. in fact many of the bushes and trees and flowers that we were used to seeing return year after year (are those annuals? or perennials? I always get them mixed up) did not return. I lost my lovely upward climbing blue clematis, which I have since learned is a member of the butter cup family, and the fragrant viburnium. The lilacs lost their lustre and the thyme  lavender in the herb patch completely withered and died.
We did not replant or even dig up the lost plants. We ignored them and figured we would get to it when we got to it. Other things took precedence.
     We were pleasantly surprised to see this lone magnolia flower at the base of the once and former tree. It is a cold weather bloomer and there are no others, but it means that there is still juice in the stems and maybe, with some patience and benign neglect, it will return again next year with some more lovely perfumed blossoms. Have you ever smelled a magnolia blossom?
     A couple of weeks ago Mike and I picked up Else and went to the Peconic River Herb Farm in Riverhead and I decided to buy another clematis to plant in the garden. We never took down the trellis and it stood naked and forlorn last season. But when I looked there today don't you know that there is a clematis vine beginning again. So I will look for another place to grow my new vines this summer. And wait for the three summers that it usually takes for a clematis to bloom. They will not be rushed. I wonder if the old-new one will bloom this year or if it will be slow to reacclimatize.
    We also bought some new lavender and some seeds for kale and nasturtium. Looking forward to some colorful salads.
    And sunflower seeds. Mike loves sunflowers.
    Hurricane Sandy took its toll on us in many ways. It was not the worst thing that has ever happened to us. But we are still feeling the effects and dealing with the financial aftermath. Like many many others we found that our insurance was a myth.
    But today, I will not dwell on the losses of yesteryears, but plant some hopeful seeds and celebrate renewal.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Finish five and six Mythical creatures

Keeping track of every little finish. These are both things that I started in the past and finalized this week.