Saturday, February 14, 2015

personal ad from 20 years ago

Angry woman.
near forty. Broke. alcoholic. two time loser with four kids. Likes to take long walks off short piers. For a good time call .....

Valentines Day Détente

it is my heart talking
those words you cannot quite hear
the ones you strain to listen to 

lean in to catch

but the torrent continues
you think you get the gist of it
then it rains on
and you realize 
you did not hear what 
you thought you were listening to

when you heard what you 
thought my heart was saying

its all right
its just another kind of energy that connects us

we read between the lines-
as if that were possible -
to ever even understand what
someone else is feeling 

much less to be able to convey this
with an alphabet of mirrors and lost art

its all right. 
we assume so much 
in direct opposition to our own finity.

legacy! all hail!
the stones thud against us 
and fall,
mad meteors

we lean in

as we strain to hear the angel’s song