Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Met

What can you say about it that hasn't been said? I took myself to the Met today, after my plans to go with any of my daughters did not happen. I hopped on the train and went by myself.

I brought my doll quilt on the train to stitch the binding. Now the new owner can say they own a piece that has been in the Met:)

I went to the Poiret "King of Fashion"exhibit and then dined with some girls (we shared a table on the balcony) from California. I visited some favorites in the Modern wing.
I do think I could live at the Met if they would let me. Wasn't there a book about that?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


very cool website if you are into sure to click on the community link for some neat graphics peeps.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

dab dab

This morning;s rain left the back yard green and lush.
It has been a very busy week. Which is a good thing. And I got a short short haircut and I like it until tomorrow when I wake up and it will be strangely sticking up all over the place.heheh. I have no pictures of my hat cut yet. hat cut. That is what Bailey called it.

Last weekend we dropped Bailey off at Pace for a week workshop in eco save the world something. She is enjoying it. We need to have the world saved so I hope she learns how.
working on a painting of bailey. here it is in the ugly stage and I am going to collage it with rice paper and encaustics. I have even printed on the rice paper and I have even cleaned off my table and I am really really going to do this!
One of my painting teachers once said that you should not worry about likeness because in a hundred years no one will know the difference. This is a major procrastinastion point for me because I always paint people I know and~~ I want it to look like them. This is why I am going to segue into another medium, to force myself to look at the whole picture and stop obsessing over likeness. Wish me luck! You can see I have started to add the paper-just taped a bit on to see what I could see. A first tentative step. Tomorrow I take it off the easel and lay it flat on my encaustics table. Let the melting begin. o and I should mention it is almost life size. I like to work big.
.... for something completly different: Mike made me submit some pieces for publication. Why is this so hard for me to do?
any way it is done. I am not responisble for the outcome. I just have to do the work and the results will be what they will be.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

nuther one


Lately I have been intrigued by collage and that has got me to thinking that i want to make one...I am thinking really hard about this and I want to begin /I think I am going to use rice paper and some fabric and some encaustics as a binder on the bailey painting. The canvas is mounted on plywood so it can withstand weighty attachments.
first a snack.cheese and trisuits.
Went to ikea and did not buy anything:) But I love to walk around and think about what I want to do in my house. latent decorator impulses...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Quilting magazines

If any one is interested, my aunt is selling magazines from the old daze, on ebay.
(or click on title)
she may have what you are looking for:)
she also makes purdy jewelry


what helps me create:
small steps
being willing to fail
support from you
a good marriage
enough money for supplies
older children
knowing it is my legacy and my reason for being here
what stops me:
job (which also gives me money)
grandiosity (thinking it is not enough so why bother)(answer is, why not?)
procrastination (it is never really later)
what about you?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Doll Quilt I

This is one of a pair of doll quilts that I made to be swapped with a friend. I will put a border on it, the nature of which I have not yet determined. I am stuck at the border. A quilting dilemna. But It will pass. The other little quilt is the same block design and the sameplum colors with blues and greens as the smaller bits. First I had them all mixed together but liked the way they looked divided into separate color families. The next on will be finished by the week end. The colors are mush more vibrant than this picture but I ave no time to post another so you will have to trust me:)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Katy drives!

This is a self potrait done from a picture a long time ago and when I took this picture of katy I thought we do look alike. The quality if the picture is not great beause I had to blow it up way big but I thought t was cool.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

July is here too soon

When the days are already getting shorter. I am feeling like I am missing the summer and I live for the summer light. I hate that it is too short. I would love to live somewhere warm, on the ocean, preferably with mountains and no earthquakes, hurricanes or tsunamis-and of course with museums, shopping, great restaurants and architecture and reasonably priced housing!
I have been absent due to a work shift. I am working more and enjoying it, but it does deplete my creative energies. Rather it redirects it I guess.
I am thrilled with all of the positive comments on Pindigo:) it does keep me motivated. here is my sewing kit which comes with me every where.In it are my pin cushion, scissors (ghinger) a couple of spools of thread, my ping templates and fabrics squares from Pinwheels, some doll quilt (two) beginings and a sewing kit where I stick my not in use pins and needls. I only keep one or two pins in the finger pin cushion while in use. All this stuff goes into the pouch and travels with me wherever I go. I don't always get a chance to work on it, but I know that I will always have it to do if I find myself with a few minutes to spare and the inclination to sew a thread or three.