Saturday, April 27, 2013

top down knitting

I have wanted to try a top down sweater ever since I watched Elizabeth Zimmerman's dvd, Knitting Workshop. I was won over by the simplicity and elegance of the execution. The fact that I have only ever made one sweater before (and not very well) ( I was very hard on myself) (1975) made it seem like the next logical project. I have since read books and bought patterns and accumulated a stash and finally have the skills ( I hope). The only thing I lack is time and like many other knitters, I love knitting because it is portable and can be done in small increments of time and attention. 

Seasons of Love, By Lyrical Knits

I started this on a pleasant spring evening, while chatting with friends after a lovely dinner out.  My first attempt was foiled my cats who stealth lifted the needles from my bag while I slept!
 Fortunatly for the cats, I have another needle. I have since restarted and secured the lovely and not cheep yarn in a feline proof Tom Bihn knitting sac. Woe to the cat who attemptes to breach the Tom Bihn sac. Woe indeed. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Box number one?

For Christmas, I told Alex he could have the unfinished quilt in box number one or a pocket of money. He chose the quilt and I think he is happy. After all, the money would be gone by now.
Fabric from Pinwheels and backing from aunt Suzy's stash. Machine quilting done by Catherine Timm. Model is Ann Marie McInerny.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poem of the day

Writers write and bristlers bristle
Throwing off scads of thorny biting infinitesimally small projectiles.
Speakers speak and stealth whisperers whisper. 
Buzzing in your ears. Swish swishing in your business. Soft suggesting eyelashes lowering. 
plant the seed. 
Inject the fertilizer. Regard the heaving bosom. 
Lower the boom. Boom. 
All the talk talk impressions of social media. Of news no news. Empty swishing. More media. Hopeful projectiles launched and whispered and swished in a cloud. 
 an enemy of the silent night. Listen for the silence between the swarm of words. 
Demand the silence.  
It is infinitely more meaningful.