Monday, February 22, 2016


Read an entry on Sometimes I hesitate to begin because my inner critic is in full sail. Today I listened to James Patterson book to mute her. This may or may not be finished. Made with encaustic its support. Gold leaf and gold powder. Sunflower leaf print on rice paper and r&f encaustic paint.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I am not a professional painter or poet but I do dabble. 
Because I love colors and painting and poetry. to me they represent the best of us. 
Love the Nancy Crawford videos! I would love to take a class with her if our paths ever cross.

ENKAUSTIKOS cadmium Green medium
ENKAUSTIKOS alizarin crimson
ENKAUSTIKOS ultramarine blue

Cadmium green light wax stick

ultramarine blue pigment from SINOPIA
waxed book binding thread from on line
two small jars encaustic gesso

MDF 24 by 24 inch 1/4 inch board
five aluminum tins
2 boars hair brushes
1 fan brush
1 metal brush
wood nail stick
metal pallette knife
micro cleaning cloth 
heat gun
flat griddle