Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finished bag with lining and handles

This bag is ready to wrap. I tried to put the handles on the inside but belatedly realized that I needed to do so before the lining was stitched in place. Then I tried using velvet ribbon, which was too narrow, and then I tried grosgrain ribbon which looked sloppy ----so as a last resort I sewed them on using the yarn in the bag and this was the best outcome.
Knit and learn. This week I also made a face cloth for my husband from the Mason DIxon knitting book. He is happy that I made him something.
I have been reading the progress on another blog of someone knitting a sweater for their dh but it looks like one of those things that will never be done so I am going to knit a lace shawl instead....from one of the six books I recently ordered from Amazon which are slated to be delivered in September so there you have it, my winter plans..


Hanne said...

Very good looking purse. I really like the handles on the outside !

Anonymous said...

A great looking bag. I came back to see if you had posted a shot of it finished. Very nice.