Wednesday, August 08, 2012

inklingo mojo

My mojo may have returned. 
Or at the very least it has been piqued by the wonderful blocks made by Carol in Linda's new Japanese X collection! Carol Skinner has done an awesome job on hers and I just know I have a whole boatload of Kaffe Fassett  Fabrics that would love to be used in such a fusion of color and light. 
That is my plan for the next hour. I have downloaded the Inklingo collection and will do some printing and add these shapes to my travel kit and thread by thread, block by block, who knows? a quilt may emerge. Please do go look at the links to see pictures. I do not want to lift them from the sites and they are worth the click. Linda's site also has a lots of freebies for beginners and there is a yahoo group as well where we cheer each other on.I am going to begin by printing some combo pages -pages that have several shapes on one page.I can mix and match them and that will give me a good idea of what to do next. 

I have two 'go' kits that currently both hold my equilateral triangle shapes that I am using to make hexagons, which will be used in an awesome quilt that is taking the long road-the very. long. road. to completion. But thats ok because it is not a race and I enjoy the process.This shape is available in the Three Inch Sixty Degree Diamond collection. Awesome.
Having a sewing kit packed and ready greatly increases the chance that this may be done. The key is to have everything in the bag, so to speak. Add some thread, a small pair of scissors, and a tiny pin cushion with a couple of needles and you are good to go.  I have a couple of (ahem)(maybe a few more) sewing kits that I have made over the years that serve me well. I have made book types, portfolios, and some box types but find that I tend to use a zippered pouch most often. 
These birds from a building in NY will be made into am applique block-someday. 
So that is my whereabouts, and wherewithals and whatnots. Anybody else recover their mojo lately? Do share your favorite sewing apparatus. I will happily send some fabric to the one that inspires me the most. what kind of fabric? don't worry I probably have something you like. lol.

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The Calico Cat said...

Sewing aparatus - thimble. Once upon a time ago, I couldn't imagine say that, but there you have it.