Friday, January 28, 2011

stash busting

I have a pile of Laurel Burch fabrics that need giving away. This is kind of like a pay it forward thing. if you are interested, let me know. I am thinking if I give you this fabric, you may find something in your stash that somebody else might like.
Over the years I have received such wonderful bundles of fabric from friends all over the world-as far away as New Zealand. If I get a lot of responses I will make a few bundles. I am in the mood for some pre spring cleaning. Let me know also if you would be interested in some smaller scrap bag (2.5 squares).
Please help me on my fabric diet!


Cathi said...

You're giving away Laurel Burch fabrics?? Yummy! Definitely interested.

Susan In Texas said...

Yeah, me too. I love Laurel Burch. I have a mug and a tote bag of hers. One year I did a Christmas siggy swap with LB christmas fabric.

I don't mind small squares either. 8)

Happy quilting,
Susan in Texas

Helen said...

I have no Laurel Burch fabric at all, how sad for me. But I do have lots of other fabric - and I live in New Zealand :-)

What type of fabric would you like in return?

Cyndi said...

I'd love to take some fabric off your hands! Do you want something in return - like a finished piece?