Saturday, February 05, 2011

birds feeding in the morning and so on...

Love the shape of the bird in the top.

woman cardinal flew away when she heard the beep on my camera-but not too far.
That's my car when after it broke down while attempting to take Bailey to work. I am sooo grateful it did not happen on the highway. We were able to pull into this parking lot after the power just cut out. We were coasting and able to turn into the entrance and then pushed it further in. No one honked at us but no one stopped to help either. Mike will trouble shoot.
What I did yesterday. I went to the doctor for laryngitis, and spent most of the day right here, with the support of Poppet the lap cat. My voice is slowly coming back. But I still sound like I am talking through a bad speaker.
The cardinals only feed at the beginning and end of the day. Otherwise it is pidgins and swallows,

Flap is made of wool squares with silk overlays-to keep the  pieces from shifting when you open and close the book. It is secured with 'measuring tape' trim that I got from purl soho. The cover of the book is heavy duty iron on interfacing covered with fabric . I am considering keeping the bottom open to use for storage- I can slip fabric into the space between the fabric and interfacing on one side where it is not glued. Not very elegant but it works.


Susan In Texas said...

Funny how cats always like to be closest to us when they can be in the way. Your kitty is a nice big lovely lap cat for sure!

Happy knitting,
Susan in Texas

PS Hope the car trouble is easily and cheaply fixable.

McKenna said...

We could be sisters. My cat acts the same way whenever I'm hand piecing. And my iPhone (as well as iPad) end up sitting next to me 99% of the time. LOL. Hope your voice is back to normal.