Monday, September 04, 2006

Day in Greenport-Yarn Sale!

Went to green port and had a lovely day, watching the kids on the carousel, eating at the new barbeque place-good sour dough rolls with pulled pork topped by a mound of cole slaw.
I bought some yarn for a new Noni bag-this one will be with a third strand of mohair. I also bought some yarn for a lace shawl-deisgn to be determined, and four hanks of ten ply yarn to make a shawl collar sweater for moi. I do have a way of finding things to do. O yes.
After dinner we stopped for coofee in my favorite coffee place in Greenport and we were treated to some delightful playing and singing. I got a picture and said hi and thanks. Such a nice interlude. Much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time.
After you left a classically trained singer came in & then the music really got going.
We don't get to Greenport that often but we were really glad to make your acquaintance.
Sol & Theresa W.M.

Anonymous said...

D'Latte is great! Friendly people & unbeatable desserts--plus those impromptu music happenings. Glad you visited, & come back again!
--A D'Latte denizen