Saturday, May 12, 2012

show time

 It is the day of Jen's baby shower. We are having 45+ people in my back yard. Mike and Eugene erected a  tent, to protect from either the suns rays or the clouds drops, and I have asked a talented friend to cater **and we rented chairs. I had not even thought about chairs. I wonder what else I have forgotten.
 Conveniently I am recovering from surgery in a location which makes it painful to either sit or stand and I have been ordered by my ferocious surgeon not . to. lift. a . thing. and to have six 'sitz baths' a day. really. six. 
 so I have quite literally been directing things from a throne of sorts.
 Mike has been an absolute saint and not even cursed me out once. well not loud enough for me to hear anyway. 
 In a few short hours the guests will arrive and libations will be offered and festivities will commence and endure and be recorded and as the world twirls her way around the sun (which is presently unobscured by clouds), we will feast and fête our way through the day. 
Subsequently, gifts gifted, silly games gamed, toasts offered and accepted and food and wine administered, we will, one by one, with fond memories and wishes, and pictures on our camera phones, disperse, each to her own sphere. One gala accomplished. 
And then and only then will I return to my throne, with a book and my omnipresent iPhone and rest.  

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