Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yellow metal chair
Last night I saw this chair sitting with the metal recycling as I rounded the last turn of my commute and I passed it by. I try to refrain from bringing home too many found objects. The house is small. I do not need it. It is not new and shiny. People will laugh at me.
And then I did not even make it into the door before I turned back and walked around the corner to have another look. After all, what is the harm   in looking?
So, laden with my lunch bag and tote- stuffed with my knitting projects, sketch book, Vogue Knitting magazine, empty water bottle and Starbucks cup from my drive - I walked around the block and nabbed it. It would have made a funny picture. Me, having donned my fuchsia leather gloves (because the metal would be cold) and my pile of stuff dangling from one arm, holding the newly acquired old chair, dangling from the other, walking down the dark empty street in the drizzling rain. With my chair.
It is a little beat up and a little rusty- but it is so iconic. This was the chair in other peoples kitchens. The kitchens where peoples mother's cooked. The places of refuge and orderliness that I sought as a kid, whose own mother eschewed the arts of cooking and order for other arts. It seemed a marvel to me. Then as now. So I nabbed it.
It has a perfect place at my studio table.


Anonymous said...

i love your yellow chair.

Tilde said...

The chair at Mrs Jensen's place was wooden, and painted blue ... but it was the same principle. I had (almost) forgotten her ... but a chair brought her back.
Thank you for prodding the memory, she was a lovely lady.

Quilted bear lady said...

I grew up with just such a yellow chair in our kitchen! Such good memories.

Janice in Northern Minnesota said...

I love your chair, and I totally understand why you went back and retrieved it....what a fabulous find!

Blackjack Trainer said...

Not to tell it is more.

hersheybar (Linda) said...

I HAD this yellow chair! :-) AND I recovered it once!