Thursday, December 02, 2010

early bird

morning sky in december
I am up at the crack of early this morning even though I have to work the late shift. Oh well maybe I will actually do a stitch or three, after coffee of course. I have finished another pair of socks , in Blue moon sock weight, I will maybe add a crochet  picot edge in lime green for piquancy.
 "By George, I think I've got it! " I knitted these socks-toe up two at a time- with no pattern!! so I felt kind of good about that.
blue sock

{[(does anyone else think in quotations?) (Last night I started singing to one of my students "the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain..." when he finally 'got' the lesson that we had worked on for two days.  Fortunately he got the reference and we had a good chuckle.) {It is very euphoric when your student has a light bulb moment. }}

I have a cowl, Tudora Ruff , from Knitty, on the needles , a last minute cast on, using left over Shelter mitten yarn-more mittens on another set of needles- and another pair of socks that are in progress...and I have quilts on the design wall. I think I have enough to do. 

red cowl
I have been back on Weight watchers for a few days. I made a huge pot of minestrone soup and a nice loaf of bread to take for work lunches. I absolutely cannot eat mall food anymore..even the so called healthy choices are really not. So I have made this commitment to myself. It is hard because everyone at work has been bringing so much cake and sugary crap- albeit tasty sugary crap- to work and it looks sooooo delicious, but it is rarely ever worth it, (although Sophie's cheesecake came close) and I am trying hard to remember this. Also, I carry a bag loaded with fruit.
Beware! I am armed with clementines!

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Joan said...

Stick with the weight loss - you wll get there. Sounds like you have some interesting students - and a heap of things to get through at home:)