Saturday, March 16, 2013

pre dawn deep

4 a.m.
it was one hundred o/clock
and the tide was low low low
the receding water laid bare and dry the 
artifacts of doubt and indecision
the cat snored and the radiators rattled

still in the night 
no meaning would be extracted

laying inconsolable in the shallow tidal pools
Gulliver like 
tied tightly by eleventy thousand bonds of reason 
all the while knowing beyond certainty that 
the tide would soon come in and re submerge the clues of 
self restriction  
where they would sway  and wave and shimmer in the phosphorescence
like lovers leaving forever on the conveyance of your choice here


Susan In Texas said...


Bodenseefelchen said...

I wish you and your famely Happy Eastern
from Lake Konstanz