Sunday, February 10, 2013

little nothings

The snow from the great blizzard of 2013 has been cleared and here in coastal New York, it is life as usual.

 In other areas the storm was much more ferocious and incapacitating. The Long Beach trains were not running but I made it to the Rockville Centre station and managed to get to work in the city. Fotunately Mike was able to come in and get me so I did not have to navigate the rail system to get home. 
Luke is officially seven months old and is very wonderful. He is of course very advanced and delightful in all ways and charms us endlessly. 

things I have been working on:
I have been writing every day as per my resolution. It is a small enough thing to do each day and it is acheivable. I am working slowly on the triangle quilt and small knitted objects. I bought a pattern for a sweater from the 2013 Brooklyn Tweed book that I plan to make for a certain someone. and that is all of the sweet nothings that I have in play on this Valentines Week. 
Do something sweet for someone you love and accept all such offerings with equal parts joy and gratitude. 
(words of wisdom are free)

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Joan said...

Looks cold where you are. I cant imagine weather like that. Beautiful child, no wonder you are enamoured with him. Love your triangles too.