Wednesday, June 01, 2011


images from my stoup
Where do you sit in the summer? in a yard? on a beach? in a park? on a stoup?
I think I will be sitting here for a while. there is a nice breeze and my bones are barking after hitting the boardwalk with my body when my bike took off without me. Actually I stopped to take a picture and lost my balance as I tried to stop. I can't really remember how it happened but I landed on my backside and at first i was afraid I had broken my tailbone or at least my head which I also banged. I am glad I landed just west of aforementioned tailbone and nothing feels more than slightly bruised.
Fortunately I am a very well rounded person. and there was no blood or gore. Scads of people stopped to help me gather my camera and gear which had been riding in my basket( i love my basket!) and they applauded when I decided to get up. I bowed.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're ok. And your STOOP is beautiful.

Cathi said...

I just read your post! Thank heavens you're okay -- a fall like that can be SO jarring! How nice to have a stoop to sit out on.
We head to the roof garden in the summer.