Thursday, July 06, 2006


Spent last night and tonight stuffing my little friend. She is filling out quite nicely. This body is done in a different fabric than the fabric which came with the kit from Gail Wilson. I wanted to make sure I could do it before I used the lovely doll body fabric which came with her kit. It is also ready to be stuffed.
While I stuffed I watched a movie that we borrowed from our library called"Everything is Illuminated". Wonderful film. I want you all to go out and get it right away.
I wrote a poem today filled with pain and anger so I probably won't publish it because I don't want to hurt anybody. But I have to say that I do like it because it said exactly what it was meant to say. I will have to think a while before I release it. Words are powerful and they cannot be unspoken, especially if you publish them on the internet.hahaha
Today was a busy day filled with errands and struggles with my daughter and I am glad I had time to sit and do some work on my doll. I am always amazed at how I forget about all of the troubles and cares I carry while immersed in any creative moment. Makes life bearable and even joyous.

Two gessoed dolls drying in cups.
Had to clear away all the doll making stuff to accomodate guests for the day. Using two different fabrics the bodies really did stretch to become different shapes. One is taller and more elongated.The other is more the shape it was designed to be. I like them both. Today I will re read the instructions for sewing them together. We may be heading north to a museum in Connecticut, The Florence Griswold Museum in Mystic. We are still having coffee, we have not decided how ambitious we want to be today after our weekend of birthday parties and bridal showers...

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