Friday, June 09, 2006

Chaos and Order

I have moved most of my sewing stuff from my son's old room to the table in order to allow him to clear out all of his pre college crap, take what he wants and get rid of the rest. We have a tiny house. I am ruthless. It ocurrs to me that I did not have this to deal with when I got out of school because I had already been on my own since going to boarding school and did not have any place to go back to. So when it comes to my kids I expect them to take their stuff with them when they go. I haven't got the frame of reference which allows for them leaving their unwanted stuff in my space.
I moved a dresser full of stuff out onto the front porch for him to have and now he says he does not want it. Well it isn't going back into that room now ---no it is not---I am going to put all of my sewing stuff back into the room and it will be mine forevermmmmwwwhahahaha. There is also a bed in there and I want to move that out as well but I may leave it there for the occasional overnight traveller. Or maybe not.

My yard is peaceful and pleasant in June. The recent rain has made it so lush and green! I love bulbs and annuals because I don't have to replant every year. The only seeds I will plant are for sunflowers which will bloom in August and September before it all turns brown and gray again.This view is more than half of the back yard. Small and plenty.


Anonymous said...

Your yard looks absolutely luscious!

When my three kids were still home we told them they could stay as long as they wanted to but once they left, they weren't welcome back! DH even told them he was changing the locks:-) Thank goodness none of them ever wanted to come back......not sure what I would have done:-)

When the last one left, I took out everything from the room including the bed. I made it MY
sewing room and computer room. So,
go for it! Make it yours. You certainly deserve it!



Fiona said...

Mum can't wait until I'm out of the house, she keeps reminding me that she wants her lounge back (our current sewing room) and she's going to transform my room into her sewing lair. Lucky I'm sentimental and won't leave any of my stuff behind. =)